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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, its 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday june 1st. >> we're following several breaking news stories. a crash and a shooting involving an off duty officer sends bullets through a hospital window. >> a uber driver struck and can killed a woman who stepped out into app north philadelphia street. >> a pennsylvania lottery winner is now accused of stealing the money to buy the lottery tickets. a lawyer is going to earn his keep on that one. how do you figure it out. >> first up, weather and traffic with karen rogers filling in for david and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we've got another gorgeous day today. it won't be quite as humid as
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it was yesterday. we're looking at this satellite image here and we can see hard al cloud out there, a few clouds out to the west. we'll start off with some bright sunshine and sunshine is going to help to warm things up. we thought maybe today would be in the low 80's. we're bumping up those temperatures. this morning it's already 69 degrees, feeling pretty good, 65 in allentown, 66 reading, 62 in millville. down along the coastline it's about 64 degrees both in cape may and atlantic city. here's what you can expect today. we're going to see sunshine mixing with clouds. overall i think it's just going to be partly sunny skies. not as humid as it has been. 86 degrees for your high. so temperatures down just a notch from yesterday and we'll have an easterly wind about six to 12 miles an hour. what can you expect for tomorrow? and we've got at least one good weekend day coming. all the details coming up in the accuweather forecast in just a couple minutes. matt. >> all righty, karen. as advertised a lot of overnight construction out there last night. as we look live at the vine street expressway, you can see they just reopened those westbound lanes headed towards
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76, the schuylkill expressway. but eastbound does remain shut down. they should be pulling away any time, at least by 5 o'clock. vine did close last night, it will close again the next two nights for that overnight construction. also as advertised there was work in delco on the ramp from 95 northbound to the blue route northbound as this truck passes i think you can see the cones out there. one of the two lanes on the ramp is blocked but at least the ramp is not completely closed like it is sometimes. overnight paving work got under way last night right on the montgomery county-berks county line along route 100 a-3-mile stretch is being resurfaced so watch out for restrictions there until 5:00 this morning. we're watching an early morning crash in lower gwynedd normal side of 309 at butler pike. right lane blocked. overnight work at the burlington bristol bridge cleared out so everything reopened there. matt. >> an off duty philadelphia police officer who was involved in a crash opened fire sending bullets piercing through a window at temple university hospital. "action news" reporter
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katherine scott is live on that scene in north philadelphia with details. katherine. >> reporter: matt, thankful no one was seriously hurt. the officer who was off duty at the time was taken to the hospital in stable condition to be checked out. that's the motorcycle he was riding right there. you can see it's taped off on the corner here at broad and tioga. about a half block down tioga is where the lobby window is shatterd from a bullet. let's go to video so you can get a closer look at that window. this happened just before 11:30 last night here in north philadelphia. police say the off duty officer was riding his motorcycle when he and another vehicle crashed into each other. what exactly happened we don't yet know but police say the off duty officer fired three shots at that vehicle. at least one bullet went through the lobby window of temple university hospital's outpatient service center and lodged into the lobby wall. no one inside was hit. that other vehicle took off. it's described as a chevrolet monte carlo. it was last seen heading east
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on tioga. philadelphia police responded as did temple police. there are cameras here and we're being told that they did record this initial crash that started this whole thing but so far that video has not been released. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, katherine thank you for that. we're following another story, breaking story from north philadelphia. an uber driver struck and killed a woman who had stepped out into the street overnight. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at that scene on the 2200 block of cecil b. moore avenue. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. at this point police are calling this a tragic accident. they do not think that the uber driver will be charged because they say that it appears that the woman stepped into traffic here along cecil b. moore avenue before she was hit. well, this is video from the scene. they have since cleared the scene about a half hour ago. it was around 1:30ological multiple 911 calls came in. when police arrived they found the victim on the ground with severe head trauma. medics rushed her to hahnemann
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hospital where she was pronounced dead. the uber driver stayed on the scene with his 2016 honda. he had just dropped off a group of people. the driver was sober and interviewed by accident investigators at the scene. >> it was late at night. even though the street is well hit it was still dark out. she exited the deli, walked between two parked cars and then walked into oncoming traffic but the driver remained on the scene after striking this female. >> reporter: and about a half hour ago police did let the uber driver drive off in that vehicle. they say that the woman they're still trying to identify her. she had no i.d. on her. they say that she is a woman in her 40's. they believe that she's from around the area because she was using the deli here on cecil b. moore. reporting live in north philadelphia, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you annie. new this morning peco crews have been called to the scene of an underground fire
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in port richmond. the fire damaged a transformer at frankford and allegheny avenues just before 2:00 this morning. it only took a few minutes for fire crews to get fire under control. there are no reports of injuries and only one business has been affected. >> police have released new details about a deadly motorcycle crash in mercer county, new jersey. investigators say the driver of the toyota tundra who collided with the biker in hopewell township just kept going. this happened last night at route 546 and scotch road. police caught up with the man a mile away taking him in for questioning. the 60-year-old motorcyclist from lawrence township ended up dying at the scene. >> new on "action news," the schuylkill county woman who won the pennsylvania lottery is accused of ripping off a convenience store to get the money to buy the lottery tickets. 51-year-old joan lek lightener of pottsville is one of four people favoring felony theft charges. state police say the group stole more than $175,000 from
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thing a way between 2011 and this year. lek lightener won $261,000 on a cash five ticket back in september. a teenager is behind bars for leading police on a chase in new castle delaware. 18-year-old vincent wilson also faces charges of receiving stolen property and resisting arrest. police were called to the 1900 block of harwin road for a stolen vehicle on monday. they spotted the car and began the pursuit. it ended when the vehicle hit a tree. wilson and another male got out and ran but police capture wilson. >> happening today, a south jersey woman pulling a casket is expected to arrive at the statehouse. greta schwartz set out on her 80-mile journey from her home in seaville on monday. she's walking to the state capitol in trenton to raise awareness about mental health issues including suicide and addiction. she says the issue really hit home for her because her son knew two students at ocean city high school who committed suicide back in 2015 and 2014.
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>> a mother infected with the zika virus has given birth to a baby with the birth defect microcephaly at a new jersey hospital. that is a first for the state and only the second such case in the united states. in both cases, the women acquired zika outside of the continental united states. yesterday's birth took place at a hospital in hackensack. authorities there say the 31-year-old mother is a visitor to the u.s. and asked for privacy. >> it is 4:38 and still to come on "action news" a-judge sentence a former volunteer sheriff's deputy who says he made a deadly mistake between his gun and stun gun in take on an unarmed suspect. >> suburban houston residents are bracing for more flooding as a river hits a record high level and keeps rising. karen. >> we've got a gorgeous day ahead and this satellite image showing nothing more than a couple clouds out to our west. we're tracking rain on the way. i'll tell you when it happens coming up. >> ♪ p?p?o?gv
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>> the 2016 hurricane season officially begins today but some parts of the nation are already dealing with some damage from severe storms. torrential downpours caused the brazos river in texas to rise to a record high level yesterday. forecasters say the river has not yet crested since more rain is on the way. large swaths of suburban communities near houston are now under water. crews have been heading into those neighborhoods to rescue people and pets still stuck in the flooding. >> even though today is the start of the season, we've already had two named storms. >> we have, we have. and the remnants of bonnie still affecting areas down to the south. not for us today. we're dry and kind of sitting pretty i'd same time let's take a look right now at storm track stick double scan around the area. nothing happening it's kind of a quiet start to the day but what beautiful shots we have as we look outside live. let's do that right now. sky6 showing a crescent moon. you can see a little bit of it right there in beautiful shot and no cloud cover hiding it
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either. some areas there's a touch of fog but as we look live on sky6 not here as we can see a pretty shot of the moon. let's check the current conditions for you right now. that temperature 69 degrees up there already. the dewpoint is 66 degrees. the pressure is holding steady. the winds are rather calm and the ocean temperature trying to warm up there a little bit, 61 degrees. satellite six and action radar slowing we have clear skies through the region. we're catching a little batch of clouds out in central pennsylvania. i think they'll start to fill in a little bit and we will have clouds mixing with sun today. overall it will be at least partly sunny skies and rather warm once again we're kind of bumping up those numbers. i mentioned a touch of fog in a few spots. i know you a driving through it and we're seeing just .8 of a mile visibility in millville, .3 of a mile visibility in wilmington. while it's not a problem at all at philadelphia international airport, 10-mile visibility through most of the area. so just don't be surprised if you're driving down to the southern regions and you get a little touch of fog here or there and that's possible today. looking right here at the image of what we can expect today, it will be about
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86 degrees, sunny for the most part mixing with some clouds. very comfortable. it will be cooler at the shore with that area of low pressure the remnants of bonnie staying down to our south and we'll have a nice day today with relatively low humidity. things change for us come tomorrow. we're tracking cooler conditions. temperatures will be about 79, 80 degrees and we do have the chance for automobile can of showers or thunderstorms but i think they hold off until late tomorrow. association it looks like tomorrow is still going to be pretty nice. we've got just a string of nice days and we've earned it after a wet memorial day. let's take a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. it is nice today and still warm. yesterday it had looked like we keep temperatures in the low 80's but i think we can bump them up to 86 degrees. its going to feel pretty good with rather low humidity. you'll see a fair amount of clouds mixing with the sun but at least partly sunny skies. tomorrow pretty nice day. sunshine will fade behind clouds but it looks like we stay dry. 80 degrees with a chance for
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that shower holding off until late thursday night into friday. friday is the change. we've got lots of clouds a shower or a thunderstorm, not a washout but that will hold temperatures down into the upper 70. saturday the pick of the weekend turning sunny much like last weekend, saturday the best day. turning sunny and a high of 81 degrees so beautiful and staying dry. it's sunday where we are trafficky trackintracking some . 77 degrees ar77 for your high. monday 80, clouds, some sun. you can always check out that's where we have our latest blogs and weather discussions and its very late of the with the forecasts. we're changing a lot of things and yes we're starting hurricane season. but you know what else we're starting today, meteorological southamptonesummer. >> did you bring drinks and doughnuts. >> drinks? >> we'll take care of that. >> orange juice. >> new on "action news" a former volunteer sheriff's
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deputy in oklahoma will spend four years in prison for killing an unarmed suspect last year. robert bates was sentenced yesterday. the 74-year-old had said he mistook his handgun for a taser. the wealthy insurance executive was convicted of second degree manslaughter last month. after the shooting an internal help memo surfaced questioning bates' qualifications. some wondered if his donations to the office influenced him being deputized. >> there are four surveillance video cameras in a new side compartment for separating those in custody. freddie gray suffered spinal injuries while being transported by baltimore police without a seat belt last year and later died. >> new this morning a western pennsylvania woman was run over by her own car. it happened at a mcdonald's drive through in western pennsylvania over the weekend. the 76-year-old woman dropped her bag of food there at the window. when she bent over to pick it
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up she fell out of the car and the vehicle rolled over her. family members are hoping for a full recovery. >> the villanova wildcats made a visit to the white house and and received a personal congratulations on their basketball title from president obama. it was all smiles yesterday as the president greeted the entire men's team and coaching staff. the wildcats beat north carolina in a thrilling championship game that came down to a winning shot at the buzzer. the president described the matchup as possibly the best ncaa title game of all time. >> i would agree. it is 4:46. coming up next, we'll get another check on traffic and if you have a my space account, you may want to check it. hackers may have accessed information from millions of users. >> he's not quitting his day job even as a janitor prepares for a lead opera role overseas. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at >> ♪ >> getting ready to go. the planes stocking up getting ready for their passengers as we head out on this first morning of june. welcome to june, everybody. i like june i think but we don't like this. here in lower gwynedd a crash this morning. you can probably see the flashing lights up ahead along 309 northbound at butler pike. the accident is taking out the right lane but of course volume is so light as you
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travel through the ambler area at this point this morning that there are no delays. but watch out for it, 309 northbound at butler pike. no longer need to watch out for the construction on the vine street expressway because the crews have gone home. everything is reopened in both directions along the vine but don't fear they'll be back tonight at 11 o'clock to close it down once again. also watch something construction this morning in gloucester county, logan township where they're working along 322 in both directions between 130 and cains mill road. when they did this last week it did cause delays before it cleared at 6 o'clock so we'll see if that happens again this morning. outside live in bellmawr, this is 295 and up ahead can you see the flashing lights right about there? that's because the southbound lanes of 295 are shut down at the 42 freeway. scheduled until 6 o'clock. so, 551 spur, even 130 or the new jersey turnpike southbound will be better bets if you're headed out right now. they should get those lanes reopened by 6 o'clock. in mount laurel a sewer main break closing harder ford road
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we're hearing through this afternoon. ark road a possible alternate around that one on this wednesday morning. matt. >> thanks matt. time for your first look at business. ownership of atlantic city's top cass flow is changing hands. boyd gaming says it's selling its 50 percent stake in the board of trustees many borgata at a to m the gm. the company's ceo says it he has faith in atlantic city's future. u.s.a. today reports reports 360 million my space accounts may have been breached saying hackers may have accessed information for users who created accounts before june of 2013. my space has invalidated passwords and notified those who are impacted and you may be asking yourself was my space even still a thing. i guess it is it still this morning futures point to a higher open.
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case schiller index shows the average price of a home increased nearly 5.5 percent in march. one of the biggest reasons is the shortage of homes on the market. analysts say the housing market is being fueled by job growth, wage increases and low mortgage rates. >> a janitor from chicago landed a lead opera role overseas. >> ♪ keenan kyles worked at our sister station wls in chicago as a janitor five nights a week and this summer he'll head to there is a go scotland to sing one of the lead roles in la boheme. he has two other jobs which adds up to a 90 hour work week. on top of that he's practicing his opera. he hopes to sing with the lyric opera company in chicago and the not follow tan opera house in new york city. >> sounds great. 4:52. new this morning a stabbing in a bucks county community. what we know so far coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> but next up charges are now
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possible after a boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo.
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pass passes
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>> police launched an investigation into the parents of a boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. zoo officials have said
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the 400-pound male silver back gorilla harambe was agitated and hurting the child while dragging him around the exhibit it's moat and the only choice was to use be lethal force not a tranquilizer. philadelphia zoo has a well regarded primate reserve. the chief operating officer says safety has always been and always will be a priority for both the animals and the visitors but their analysis involved something more than somebody getting into an enclosure. >> severe weather, chemical spill on the railroad tracks to something involving animals and so we've got a detailed protocol around each of those, how we would respond. we've got trained response teams both on the public safety side as well as the animal side and we practice those skills and drills and so on throughout the course of the year. >> dr. baker says his heart goes out to his colleagues at the cincinnati zoo who had to make an extraordinary different decision under pressure but he says from what he knows of the situation he
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thinks they made the right call. >> people are still talking about the 92-year-old veteran who stole the show at a seattle mariners game. the team accident burt waldron to throw out the pitch. waldron ran out on the field and delivered a pretty impressive sinker from the mound. there it is. the world war ii veteran served in pearl harbor. >> 4:57. still ahead more stories you didn't see last night. cancer can be scary painful exhausting and of course deadly but we'll tell you about the three sisters shoving choosing to face their diagnoses with humor and hope. >> beyoncé's latest concert in pennsylvania could trigger a police complaint. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday june 1st and we're working on several breaking stories. >> people in a philadelphia hospital were greeted with gunfire and police say one of their own pulled the trigger. we're live with the breaking details. >> and an elderly man is found dead inside his home and police believe he was attacked twice over the memorial day weekend. >> grab the shades. a lot of sun is on tap today with just a few clouds. accuweather of course is tracking the very latest. >> turn to that right now with karen rogers filling in for david and matt pelman with traffic. >> good morning. we've got that satellite image right now to show you that there are a couple clouds out and about. for the most part they're west of the city right now. you'll be waking up to clear skies. we'll see a fair amount


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